The Weeknd a devil worshiper and apart of the illuminati?
by on August 5, 2017 in Hip hop news

New photo at one of The Weeknd’s concerts showing the words “Satan” in the background. There is a video around the web that was taken by a fan whom was present at The Weeknd concert. The short video clip showing the word “Satan” at the flash blink of an eye on the background Screen. You won’t be able to notice it much because the words appear and disappear so fast and the only way to see it is to slow it down.


Is The Weeknd a devil worshiper? Is The Weeknd apart of the illuminati?

We won’t ever know what goes on behind close doors in the music business but, what we do know is… The so called “Starboy” was a more urban underground artist the many looked over and never expected him to breakthrough and become a big star as he is now in the music industry. We can only assume he made the right moves behind the scene to network with some of the major connects in the business to help him achieve stardom.

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