Atlanta Rapper Yung Mazi Dead R.I.P.
by on August 7, 2017 in Hip hop news

yung mazi dead
Atlanta Rapper Yung Mazi has been confirmed to have died. The shooting occurred on Hosea Williams in the vicinity of Urban Pie not far from a police precinct. The roads around the incident were closed off. A spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department said, “Officers responded to a person shot call at the location. Upon arrival it was confirmed that  Yung Mazi on scene died of an apparent gunshot wound.” We are still looking for more details on the story. Stay tuned.

yung mazi death

In December of 2016 Mazi was shot at a waffle house while he was ordering his food but, lucky he had survived the incident. This time he was not so, lucky and was killed by gunshot wound. Mazi had a lot of beef around the Atlanta area and possibly the same men who shot him in December got him this time…We will keep you updated on the full story when we get more information.

Watch this video of mazi explaining why he keeps on getting shot.

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